Ever had a label slapped on you by someone else? At school, at a social gathering, at a boring networking event? What about those painfully awkward interviews that left you questioning yourself for days, or all the gigs you missed out on because the competition had a couple more lines on their CV? The best and most interesting people don’t always fit into boxes and those are the minds we’re on a mission to collect.

Talent is a shapeshifter and genius can be hard to spot. But game recognises game, so we’re calling all the gifted non-conformists, creative rebels and inspired rulebreakers from all walks of life to come together, and unleash a cultural revolution.

Well, perhaps ‘revolution’ is pushing it, but it’s about time we made space for the original outlaws, and gave them a chance to do their thing. The current system has been letting us down for far too long, and we're all hungry for change - a shift in perception, perspective and process. For us, breaking convention and smashing barriers was inevitable. We’re here to create a new norm, and rewrite the rules.

Hence... What Does Not.


  • a collection of the most awesome creatures on the scene, regardless of location, background, or work experience.

  • our own and for others. We want to disrupt the creative industry by harnessing the power of individuals to produce content with a purpose.


We’re creative industry veterans with multicultural backgrounds and several war stories under our belts. We’re all true multipotentialites here and, as such, our years of personal and professional experience have taught us a lot about people - what makes them tick and how to identify their pain points. As humans, we all possess an inherent need to belong, so we’re creating a tribe – one that’s made up of the sort of characters you’ve always wanted to call friends.

And we understand what brands want too, but most importantly, we get what they need. Creatives often don’t speak business and vice versa. Luckily, we speak both.

It’s not company parties, Wednesday treats, or funky co-working spaces that fuel successful collaborations. When it comes to really, actually, seriously identifying talent and delivering the goods, we’ve got the secret sauce - a common culture.

Here, we recognise unusual and unconventional brilliance because we look out for it. For us, keeping an eye out for flashes of hidden genius just makes sense.

So, if you know what it’s like to be misunderstood, What Does Not is your home.

If you’ve lived a million lives, join us, and live a million more. What Does Not kill you makes you stronger, and all that jazz.


For years we’ve dreamt of a world where weirdness is wonderful, the unexpected is celebrated, and cookie-cutter creativity just doesn’t cut it. We believe in working whenever and wherever you want because there are other things in life that matter too - you know, all that work-life balance stuff people won’t shut up about in yoga classes.

If you’ve ever been underestimated or overlooked, then maybe you’ve been dreaming like us too.

What Does Not is your chance to be part of a global collective where bright-burning, like-minded innovators can connect, collaborate, and remain inspired. It’s about sharing war stories and skill sets with people that get you.

We handpick our community members and quality control is of the utmost importance, so even though we’re not promising you work, rest assured you’ll always be in good company.

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Here we go - it’s crunch time. Joining What Does Not means you get to:

  • Meet like-minded legends
  • Connect with a globe-spanning, multicultural and multifaceted community
  • Be part of a movement that recognises skills over CVs
  • Promote the idea that transferable skills and culture matter most
  • Supercharge your creativity with a new set of inspiring minds
  • Share your work and tell your story
  • Get involved in all the cool sh*t we’re planning
  • Work when you want, where you want, how you want
  • Listen, relate, create
  • Say no to the boring and the ordinary

Oh, and in the spirit of community, it’s always worth saying that at some point, somewhere, we may all even meet in person. So yeah - there’s an awesome party to look forward to. Possibly.

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Got a project? Need a team to bring it to life; give it that je ne sais quoi? Trust us when we say - we speak your language. We know bragging isn't a good look, but seriously, we’ve got you covered.

Working with us means waving goodbye to:

  • Inflated retainers from agencies who shake you down for mediocre work
  • Sifting through overcrowded sites and trying to communicate with freelancers
  • Working with a one-size-fits-all team

Say hello to:

  • Genuine creativity tailored to your industry, brand and budget
  • A diverse team of talent that take pride in their work
  • Projects with purpose and a culture led approach

Let us dive into our talent pool and fish out a fresh alternative to out-of-date agency trawling. Whatever the project, whatever the industry – we’ll build a team of superstars who will come up with ideas that make you stop, sit up, and say ‘f*ck yes!’
Excuse our French.

Then, we make magic.